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P  o  c  k  e  t  S  N  E  S
B L E E D I N G  E D G E
pocketsnes.jpg - 16kb WHAT IS IT?
PocketSNES is a Super Nintendo / Super Famicom emulator for the Pocket PC. PocketSNES "Bleeding Edge" is my most recent, up-to-date, test releases of the emulator. They usually include fixes and optimizations that have not yet been fully tested or incorporated into the official release.

The original emulator base is Snes9x. Check out their web site to get versions for Windows, as well as other operating systems and architectures, or maybe even to give thanks to the original authors for all their hard work. The original port of this emulator was done by the man known only as Darren. Check out his site to get the latest official releases. He's the major developer and maintainer of this port, so please make sure to know that he's appreciated. My contributions to the emulator have mostly been in the form of updates to make it compatible with the new iPAQ 3800 series Pocket PC's, as well as bugfixes and optimizations.

To the left is the listing of the newest releases for your downloading pleasure. You can either check the PocketSNES forum on this site, the front news page, or this page to check out the latest developments. But which file to download? Glad you asked!

ARM = Release for Pocket PC's using a StrongARM processor (iPaq 36xx/37xx/38xx, Toshiba Genio, Casio E-200, Jornada 56x)
MIPS = Release for Pocket PC's using a MIPS processor (Casio E-115/125/500/7xx/8xx)
SH3 = Release for Pocket PC's using a SH3 processor (Jornada 525/54x)
SRC = Source code for each release (all processor types)

1.12.200 01/16/2003 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.12.141 11/17/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.11.644 10/08/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.11.642 10/04/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.04.30 09/27/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.01.21 08/20/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC  
1.01.20 04/14/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.01.17 01/27/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.01.16 01/26/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.01.14 01/20/2002 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.01.01 12/03/2001 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read
1.01-38xx 12/02/2001 ARM MIPS SH3 SRC Read

Please post any comments, bug reports,or any other information/questions related to the emulator in the PocketSNES forum.